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Here is a sneak peek of our most popular products. These all-occasion pieces fit perfectly for your special days, giving you an extra boost of confidence and taking peoples’ breath away as you walk your way exuding brilliance in our iconic symbols of elegance. After all life is all about experiences, let us create memorable experiences for you!

About Us

At Livana Jewellery, we create exquisite fine jewellery of the highest quality. We focus on intricate and accurate workmanship to create timeless jewellery pieces which provide our clients with a personalised touch of luxury, value and thoughtfulness. We believe that each piece of jewellery is not just about its design, conception and creation but also the sentimental value it holds which can be handed down generations.

We specialize in classic, timeless & elegant jewellery. We carry a full range to meet your needs - from engagement rings, delicate bracelets, pendants, earrings to 3 piece sets studded with the highest quality precious gems - diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds & tanzanites set in 18k gold and platinum.

About The Founder

Founder and Director of Livana Jewellery, Vrinda Sethi is born into a family of jewellers, inheriting a childhood where she was surrounded by exquisite gems gave her an intrinsic sense of creative design and drove her to gain an in-depth knowledge of gems and jewellery. She is a certified Gemologist and Jewellery Designer from Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Vrinda belongs to the school of thought that some things can never go out of style and one should always have some classic pieces in their closet; her vision for her brand stands for evergreen, modern and classic jewels that you can treasure forever.